Mr Fluffy: Full list of asbestos-contaminated homes in Canberra released by ACT Government

By Cory McPherson

The ACT Government has released the addresses of Canberra’s 1,022 Mr Fluffy asbestos-contaminated homes.

The list identifies, by the block, section and address, where potentially deadly loose-fill asbestos was installed as insulation by the Canberra-based Mr Fluffy company in the 1960s and 1970s.

It is believed up to 30,000 people are affected by the asbestos crisis, because they may have owned or rented one of the houses in Canberra.

Just over 280 of the tainted houses are in the Belconnen area, 244 in Woden and 188 are in Weston Creek.

The ACT Government ignored the advice of its own expert reference group by deciding to publicly release the list of Mr Fluffy homes.

But they also faced enormous community pressure, particularly from previous renters and tradespeople who may have worked on the houses.

Head of the Asbestos Response Taskforce Andrew Kefford said he was conscious that some owners who are still living in the houses would rather the list not be published.

But he said people in the wider community had the right to know if they have lived in an affected house.

“It’s always been the Government’s intention that the list be published,” Mr Kefford said.

“But the Government’s also made a very deliberate decision to prioritise the interests of the current home owners, respecting their explicit wishes to not have the list published while they’re living in the houses, but also before there was a scheme… [and] before the asbestos taskforce was formed.”

Mr Kefford said the likelihood of exposure to asbestos-related disease in the houses was low.

“Mesothelioma is a rare disease,” he said.

“That’s not a reason to be dealing with the whole of the issue, but the starting point does need to be that measured conversation.

“We’re encouraging people to complete an e-register with us and that will guide them to information that’s most suited to their circumstance.

“But if people do have concerns about the health risks of potential exposure, [it’s important] that they do have that conversation with their GP.”

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