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By Cory McPherson

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Welcome to our Winter Newsletter

Well it’s that time of year again, the leaves from the deciduous trees have dropped along with the temperatures and every where you look you see the acronym EOFY.  It feels like it was just yesterday I was celebrating the New Year in Bali. How time flies. The Canberra residential market in most sectors is at an all time high. Suburb record  prices are starting to tumble and there is a sense of desperation in the air for buyers to  purchase now, before they are priced out. So what has driven this?

  1. There is no doubt that the ACT governments buy out of Mr Fluffy home owners has pushed many buyers into the market that otherwise would not of been there. The multiplying effect of this is that when a buyer usually purchases a new home, in most cases their previous home then comes on the market for sale. However when a Mr Fluffy home owner purchases a property their previous home is going to be purchased by the ACT and destroyed. Therefore, it is pushing supply and demand of stock to unprecedented levels.
  2. The unveiling of the federal budget for 2015 and a swing to strong job growth in many sectors has many believing that the worst is over for Canberra.
  3. There is an overwhelming sense of security again for Canberran’s without the doom and gloom of job cuts and uncertainty. Canberra has come alive and grown culturally with many events like the multi cultural festival, the summer of spectacular cricket at Manuka oval being streamed across the world and the night noodle markets by the lake being among a few.

Whatever the reasons, it is great to walk the streets and hear people talking positively again about the outlook for Canberra and a regained interest in the property market.

After all, history has shown that when the capitals property market is on the rise, Canberra is in a good place.

Winter house health check

1. Fire safety
More than 40% of all deaths from fires happen during winter, according to Fire and Rescue NSW, so it is imperative you stay vigilant. Don’t leave heaters where people or pets can knock them over, and never leave an open flame unattended. Keep clothes, curtains, bedding and any other type of fabric at least one metre away from heaters or fireplaces, and whilst is can be tempting, never place clothes or towels on your heater. Install smoke alarms around your home, test them monthly and change their batteries yearly.

2. Fireplaces
Make sure the chimney is clean and not blocked. Always have a fire safety screen in front of the fireplace when in use and never burn plastic, foam or wood that is painted or treated.

3. Heaters
Have your gas heater serviced by a licensed gas fitter and look out for signs something is wrong, such as yellow flames, unusual smells, noisy or inoperable fans and difficulty lighting it. It’s also important to make sure the flue outlet is not blocked as this can cause dangerous carbon monoxide to escape into your home. For electric heaters look out for damage in the form of rusted reflectors and damaged power cords, and always hire an electrician to do repairs.

4. Electric blankets
When taking your electric blanket out of storage, lay it flat on the bed and check for hot spots when using it for the first time. Also check the Recalls Australia website, as 400,000 potentially faulty electric blankets were recalled in 2012. Faulty electric blankets can overheat, cause an electric shock, spark and potentially cause a fire. Once winter is over roll your blanket up to store it, as folding it can cause damage to the electrical wires.

Narrabundah’s best kept secret (for childcare & primary school)

A Parent reference –

Dear Inner South young families,

Narrabundah Early Childhood School (NECS), is located at the old Narrabundah Primary School and is just minutes walk from the Narrabundah Shops. NECS is a public primary school (from Kindergarten to Year 2), and childcare centre (from birth to pre-school). After year 2, children are transitioned to public schools within their zoning (namely Red Hill and Forrest Primary Schools). This transition is made seamless for these children as they experience a significant amount of ‘transition’ classes at their new school.

NECS unique benefits are many, however they’re major strengths are their ability to encourage a close knit community; their strong academic teaching performance; and their focus on developing well-rounded, confident kids.

NECS currently has:
Childcare rooms suitable for babies till toddlers,
Several pre-school classes,
1 x Kindergarten class,
1 x composite Kindergarten/Year 1 class
1 x composite Year 1/Year 2 class

NECS P&C run a handful of events in the year to encourage a close family community.  We hold an Easter Raffle, run a Lollipops Playland family night, organise a family disco and movie event, plus support the school with BBQ fundraising and other events.

I’m a mum of an energetic 6yo and we’ve been at NECS since he started pre-school, 3 years ago. It’s a great environment and well worth a look if you’re family is considering a local option for childcare & schooling – right here in Narrabundah!!!

If you’d like any more information, I suggest you pick up the phone and call NECS directly, they’re always so helpful with questions from families new to Narrabundah. Their contact details are: .


Karen Marriner (proud NECS parent).

Using texture in interior design

Ah, texture. It’s the cinnamon of an interior design scheme. An ingredient that everyone seems to forget about, but are then pleasantly surprised by how much depth and spice it can add to a dish, or home for that matter.

Texture is an often-overlooked element of interior design because, well, a comfy and well-decorated space should feel soft, luxurious, and not bumpy right? Quite the contrary. Texture is the magical ingredient that can make an interior space pop, and should not be overlooked when designing a new interior scheme.

To ensure a space is visually appealing, elements of colour, shape, pattern, line and texture come into play. These complementary foundations of interior design work together to create a seamless space that ignites the senses without you even knowing it.
Texture in interior design refers to the surface quality of a material. Take a cushion for example. Whether the cushion material is smooth, silky, woven or embroidered, it’s got a texture. This is an important part of the interior design puzzle, because it helps dictate how a room feels on first glance. Much like the colour of a room can affect how warm or cool it feels, texture can influence the tone and weight of a room.

CEO Sleepout

On Thursday the 18th June, the Ray White Canberra team rugged up and broke out their sleeping bags for the CEO Sleep Out. The Ray White team raised over $10,000 for Saint Vincent, Canberra wide raised over $300,000. The team headed out at 7:30 for some food and a briefing before they settled down for the night. It took a couple of attempts for Cory to get to sleep, but in the end he got there. Well done Canberra, thank you for all your support !

Ray White and the Community

Ray White Canberra is proudly supporting Camp Quality!

Camp Quality is the children’s family cancer charity that believes in building resilience in the lives of every child living with cancer and their family in Australia. Camp Quality has been supporting children living with cancer and their families since 1983, providing an optimistic community for their families through fun therapy, education and a belief that laughter is the best medicine.

Become a supporter by making a donation and/ or becoming a fundraiser. With your help we can provide programs that provide critical ‘time out’ from cancer. You will be helping families when they need it the most.

For more information visit:

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